Rackets Break,

Hearts Need Not!


India's first truly online Racket Repair Service, now with free shipping options. Run by a Badminton Enthusiast and Mechanical Engineer.

Regardless of how bad your racket looks after it is broken, we might just be able to fix it if you follow some instructions.


Gopi, thank you very much. I somehow believe the racket chooses the player. And my Astrox9 was for me ... So obviously I was shattered when the frame broke . I never thought rackets could be mended so well . I'm absolutely overjoyed. Thank you so very much. At the point of writing this. I have now broken an Astrox22, which I'm happy to know I'll be having fixed by Gopi @kambo badminton. Cheers.

-Vivek Chidambaram, Hyderabad

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