0. Can my racket be repaired?

If your racket has just one crack, or two cracks, or at most just three of them, it can be repaired. At kambobadminton, you won't hear a no to racket repairs frequently.
Most handles and shafts can be repaired unless its totally damaged.

  1. Where is the repair service located?

The service is currently based out of Mysore. See our full address here.

2. Is there a physical shop that I can visit?

No, I run the service from my workshop set up in my home.

3. I live in xyz city. How can I get my racket repaired?

Kambo badminton has been serving different customers from different parts of India. The process begins by sending a photo of the racket(s) to be repaired to my WhatsApp number given in the chat section. After analyzing the photo, the exact repair costs are conveyed. You can then send the racket over post or courier to our address. The rackets are repaired on a first come-first serve basis. After payment, the repaired racket is sent back to you via post. See our full address here.

4. What are the repair costs?

For squash and tennis rackets, the exact price can vary between 850₹-1000₹ and 1200₹.-1400₹ . For badminton rackets, the repair cost depends on two factors. For most air-core rackets, the repair cost is ₹500. For foam core rackets, the charge is ₹600. For additional cracks on the same frame, subsequent repairs will be charged at half the price of the preceding repair. For example, if an air core racket has three cracks, the repair cost will be ₹500+₹250+₹125=₹875. Shipping costs to our center shall be borne by the customer. Return shipping charges are ₹70/racket.

5. How do I avail free shipping?

Free shipping is available for 2 or more squash/tennis rackets and 3 or more badminton rackets. In such cases, the shipping charge of the repaired rackets from our center to your place will be borne by us.

6. Are there discounts for bulk orders or students?

Currently, there are two discount schemes.

  1. Bulk orders: If you run a badminton court/club, you can avail further discount based on the number of rackets.

  2. National Players: All national players are entitled to a 25% discount on all services mentioned in the website.

7. My racket has been repaired by someone before. Is it possible to repair it again?

Yes, it is possible. However, the repair might take a bit more time than usual due to the additional labor involved.

8. In how many days will I receive the repaired racket after sending it?

Racket repairs usually take 3 days from my side without stringing, and 6 days with stringing. Shipping to and from most parts of India takes 2-3 days a side. Shipping is usually faster to and from cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. So if you are from one of these cities, you can get back the repaired racket without stringing in around 7 days. However, if stringing and additional tuning is required, there will be a reasonable delay. See our full address here.

9. How do I pack my racket before sending it?

For all packing and shipping related information, check out the Shipping page in this site.

10. How do I track my racket after it is sent back to me?

For all tracking related information, check out the Shipping page in this site.

11. Do you have other branches?

No, Kambo Badminton, (earlier Kambo Wraps) does not have any other branches or centres.

12. Do you have new rackets for sale?

Sometimes, yes. The rackets for sale will be put under the products page as and when they are in stock. See all products here.

13. Do you offer warranty for the repaired rackets?

No, I do not. However, most of my customers can vouch for the quality of the repairs as expressed through their reviews in my Google Business Page. Should you have any concerns regarding the quality of work, you can read through them. It would be difficult for me to offer warranty on a part which the manufacturers themselves do not cover under warranty. See our other works here.

14. How can I make the payments?

The payments can be made through Cash/UPI or bank transfer. The payments need to be made before the rackets can be shipped back to you after repair. No advance payment is necessary, however, your racket will be repaired on priority if the payment is made in advance.