Frame Repairs (Badminton, Squash and Tennis Rackets)

The frame or the head is probably the most noticeable portion of the racket and a supremely important one as well. Yet, the irony is that a frame is not made to hit the shuttle or the ball. It is meant to provide a seat for the strings. And therefore, the characteristics of the frame will be such that it will not be impact resistant. That is one thing most players do not think when they complain about easily broken rackets. Sure, rackets do break even without impact on the frame, but that’s a discussion for another day. I have repaired almost all of the racket heads that have been entrusted with me. On some, repairs would not have been economical.

The racket frames are repaired using high quality carbon fibre and epoxy composite. This produces a high strength joint that can give your favourite racket a second chance. The recommended tension after repair really depends on the severity and positioning of the crack. In some cases, you can string your rackets to the maximum tension that your frame manufacturer recommends. However, unfortunately, the strength of the joint and weight gain are directly related. The more tension you want the joint to withstand, the more the weight of the carbon fiber required to make the joint. From experience, I have seen that for most badminton rackets, maximum tensions (upto 26lbs) can be realised with less than 2g of weight gain, and the same for squash rackets (30lbs) with 4-5g and for tennis rackets (60lbs) with 7-8g of weight gain.

The racket heads are balanced with lead tape on the side opposite to the repaired portion for consistent and accurate shots each time you strike a shutlle or a ball. You can be sure that no part of your racket is out of balance, and go for your shots, even under pressure.

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Repair costs/Crack

  • Badminton :₹500-₹700, Depending on the intensity of the damage

  • Squash :₹850-₹1000, Depending on the intensity of the damage

  • Tennis :₹1200-₹1500, Depending on the intensity of the damage

  • Incase of two or more cracks, the second crack can be repaired at half the cost of the first one.