Tuning and Modding Services (Badminton Rackets Only)

The great coaches of this game opine that when equals meet, the equipment does not matter. However, like Achilles wearing his armor despite having been blessed with invulnerability, let's sharpen our knives and axes, as equally as we improve our bodies.

I have been playing badminton for the past 9 years, and have also been playing with the rackets. If you need anything to be done to your racket which you believe will improve your game, lets get in touch. My services will be there for you. I have the knowhow, and you have the ideas. Let's up your game.

Caution: This is not one time affair. This is a long term solution. This is trial and error and error. Yes, I meant the two errors. But I'm sure that there is a lot more that can be done on the equipment front in badminton. And sure enough, there are set rules to limit our experiments. But that is the most thrilling challenge for an equipment tuner like me, and a great player like you. Come on, let's collaborate.

Sends a WhatsApp message to me about your selected service.