Shipping and Tracking 🚛

For more information on how to pack and ship, or expected return delivery date, scroll down.

Send your rackets to:

Gopikrishnan G,

Krishna, Kulangarakonam,

Naruvamoodu P.O,





How to pack your rackets?

India Post and other private courier companies charge shipments based on their weight and volume. So cut down on weight wherever possible.

So, before packing your rackets, please,

  1. Remove all grips.

  2. Make sure strings are removed if it is a frame repair case.

The best thing to pack individual rackets is the cardboard box that came with the racket if you bought it online. Else do a light packing using scrap cardboard and brown packing tape.

For more rackets, a card box either of suitable size or made suitable by cutting and folding a bigger box can be used. If cardboard is not available, you can cover the rackets with newspaper and cover it with plastic wrap and finally roll brown packing tape over so that it covers the newspaper. Then, stick a paper, about A4/2 in size, and write the ‘To’ and ‘From’ address on it and you can take it to your nearest post/courier office.

How to send your rackets?

I recommend that you send it through India Post. It's cheap and reliable. However, they accept shipments only until 3PM. So make sure you reach the post office before 2PM to be on the safer side.

You can find out approximate charges from your Pincode to my Pincode 570034 on the India Post website.

When will you receive the rackets after repair?

I will confirm once I receive the rackets. Racket repairs usually take about three days from my side without stringing and five days with it. Rackets will be sent back after the repair with or without stringing depending on your preference. Even if stringing is not done from me, I will ensure that the holes and grommets around the cracked portion are in good condition for your stringer.